Fail Token is the first token that has a dynamic burn rate and that puts the distribution in the community hands.

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The Story

Deflationary currencies are some of the latest trials in the industry, which have limited opportunities to succeed because it goes against the principle of current world economy. The current, so called, “rich effect” determines people who`s wealth increase, to spend more and more. Fiat is inflationary by design, which apparently promotes economic growth, at least at the moment.
FAIL token tries to bend the limit of deflationary currencies even more, transforming it in a Social Game. We are putting the distribution process in the hands of our community, and we try to make from FAIL the most distributed currency possible. How do we do that? By enabling a mint function for every token sent, and also by adding a second function for a deposit in the mother account. Once we reach the total cap, we start to decrease the cap amount by burning tokens, until we reach to our low cap amount when the treasure box is opened for our remaining token owners.

The Rules

We are listening to the voice of the community so we have changed the design of the FAIL token as requested.

The total supply will be 500 000, less than the 2.1 MIL token cap initially designed. Changing the total has led to the decision to reduce the number of participants to a max of 3000 people during July and August 2019. In this way FAIL Token team, will be leaving the majority of the supply in the hands of the community to be distributed. We will only distribute a maximum of 186 000 through our Airdrop programs - 37.2% of the tokens.

We are enabling a mint function to incentivize the community to do their own airdrops as per below:

  • each transaction between 1 and 10 FAIL tokens will mint the same amount, which will be reverted in the senders account
  • any transaction of more than 10 FAIL tokens will mint a total of 10 fail tokens
  • each transaction will also mint 1 (if amount is between 1 and 10) or 2 (if amount is above 10) FAIL tokens to a pool smart contract which will be open for everybody (details will be released shortly)
  • this means that the airdrop will mint in our account a maximum of 30 000 FAIL tokens and a maximum of 6 000 tokens in the pool contract.

The 30 000 FAIL tokens will be used for PBE (Public Burn Events), community prizes and other marketing purposes.

From the pool contract, every account will be able to withdraw only one time. Everybody can chose to withdraw one FAIL token, or to wait to be whitelisted for a bigger prize based on the periodical competitions that we will publish.

Once the total CAP of 500 000 will be reached the burn function will be enabled, making from FAIL token the first token with a dynamic burn rate. Until 250 000 tokens there will be 2% burn rate from the transaction amount, and then the burn rate will be reduced to 1%. Once the minimum cap will be reached (50 000 tokens), there will be no more burn rate.

The good news will continue to appear once, so stay tuned.

Benefits of Using Our Token

Periodic Burn Events

Pool contract for community rewards

Community distributed

First token with dynamic deflation

Road Map

Airdrop round 1 – 700 people – 80 each

Airdrop round 1 – 1300 people – 40 each

July 2019

dCipher Crypto Wallet release

July 2019

Airdrop round 2 – 1000 people – 25 each

August 2019

First batch of trees to be planted

October 2019

500k cap achievement

Estimate Q4 -2019 (completed)

dCipher Crypto Wallet improvements

Estimate Q4 -2019

Fail token official exchange listing

Estimate Q4 -2019

50k low cap achievement

Estimate Q4 – 2020

Meet Our Team


Claudiu Simon

The Speaker

Radu Andreescu

The Innovator

Sebastian Dirman

The Devi

Alexandru Dirman

The Brander

Gabriela Tarabuta

The Media

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